A Note on The Jewish Quarterly's Next Issue

We have decided that we will not be proceeding with the next issue of The Jewish Quarterly.

The issue, due to be released in November, was to feature one standalone essay: a long-form piece by Israeli writer Anshel Pfeffer about Benjamin Netanyahu, his political comeback, and his failure to anticipate the backlash against his government’s radical legal reforms.

Tragically, the contents of this piece have been overtaken by the terrible events in Israel and the current war. We cannot release an issue about Netanyahu at this time that does not take account of these developments, and our print deadlines for the November issue make it impossible for us to do so with the depth, dignity and insight that these events deserve. The events are still unfolding. It is too soon to know or address their significance – for Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish people.

For this reason, we have chosen not to release an issue in November.

The next issue of The Jewish Quarterly will be released in February.


The Jewish Quarterly has cultivated literary journalism of the highest standard for almost seventy years. It is an independent publication that explores Jewish issues, and issues of humanity from a Jewish perspective.

In 2021, The Jewish Quarterly has relaunched and will be distributed and accessible worldwide. It has been redesigned and published in an elegant book format. Each issue features a major political or cultural theme, investigated in long-form essays by prominent voices from around the world.

JQ’s mission is not to advocate, but to investigate complex and pressing matters of politics, religion, history and culture, and to do so in depth.

“We are proud to be relaunching The Jewish Quarterly in 2021. Our only hope is to fulfil the ambitions that Jacob Sonntag envisioned for the journal when he founded it in 1953.”

— Morry Schwartz, Publisher, The Jewish Quarterly