Distribution & Stockists

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Individual copies are available in all good bookshops and newsagents. Contact your local bookseller or our distribution partners to order you a copy. 


International Distribution

The Jewish Quarterly is available for single-issue purchase and distributed to newsagents internationally (except in Australia & New Zealand) by:
Magazine Heaven Direct 


The Jewish Quarterly is available for single-issue purchase and distributed to bookstores in the UK by: 
Central Books
50 Freshwater Road, 
Chadwell Heath, RM8 1RX 
United Kingdom 
+44 (0)20 8525 8800
[email protected]om


Australia & New Zealand Distribution 

The Jewish Quarterly is distributed to bookstores in Australia by:
Penguin Random House
707 Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3008
General enquiries
Tel: +61 3 8537 4599

For orders:
Penguin Random House
30 Centre Rd 
Scoresby VIC 3179
Tel: +61 3 8537 4400
Fax: +61 3 8537 4497
Email: [email protected]

And to newsagents by:
Ovato Retail Distribution
Tel: 1300 650 666
[email protected]