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JQ252 - May 2023

The AMIA Bombing:

An attack on Argentina's Jewish centre in 1994 killed 85 people. It remains unsolved. Why?

This issue of The Jewish Quarterly examines the unresolved questions and political intrigue surrounding the AMIA bombing – a terrorist attack that destroyed the Jewish community centre building in Buenos Aires in 1994, leaving eighty-five people dead and hundreds wounded. None of the culprits has ever been brought to justice. In this remarkable essay, the award-winning author and journalist Javier Sinay pieces together the devastating events that unfolded on 18 July 1994 and their shameful aftermath. Sinay investigates the attack, the failed inquiries, the alleged cover-ups and the mysterious death of Alberto Nisman, a prosecutor who died in 2015, hours before he was due to accuse the Argentinian president of a deal with Iran to obstruct inquiries into the bombing. 

The issue also includes Ian Black on the 1991 Madrid peace conference, Mark Glanville on the life and times of the writer Joseph Roth, and more.


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— Morry Schwartz, Publisher, The Jewish Quarterly
Jonathan Pearlman


Jonathan Pearlman is the editor of The Jewish Quarterly. He is also editor of Australian Foreign Affairs and world editor of The Saturday Paper. He previously worked at The Sydney Morning Herald, covering foreign affairs and politics, and as a correspondent in the Middle East. His work has appeared in numerous publications, including The Diplomat, Good Weekend, Australian Book Review and The Jerusalem Report, and he has been a Walkley Award finalist and United Nations Media Award winner. He studied at the University of New South Wales and Oxford University.

Our aim is to feature great writers engaging with today’s world – the politics, the dilemmas, the culture – in ways that explore and expose the complexities and curiosities, rather than simplify them. Each issue will address diverse topics and will, I hope, include writing that is compelling, surprising, enriching and a pleasure to read. 
 — Jonathan Pearlman, Editor, The Jewish Quarterly

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JQ253 - August 2023


The language that makes a people

This issue of The Jewish Quarterly explores the remarkable evolution and revival of Hebrew – a language whose trajectory charts the recent history of the Jewish people. In this ground-breaking essay, award-winning writer Ben Judah explores the crucial role of modern Hebrew in defining and reshaping the Jewish people and examines its status as a fast-changing language that is spoken by Jews and Palestinians. He describes his experience of longing for and learning the language, and argues that Hebrew is a missing connection between Israel and the Diaspora. The issue also includes a short story by Isaac Bashevis Singer that has been translated into English for the first time, an essay by Marta Figlerowicz about the Polish writer and artist Bruno Schulz, and more.