The Jewish Quarterly has cultivated literary journalism of the highest standard for almost seventy years. JQ is an independent publication that explores Jewish issues, and issues of humanity from a Jewish perspective. 

In 2021, The Jewish Quarterly has relaunched and will be distributed and accessible worldwide. Each issue features a major political or cultural theme, investigated in long-form essays by prominent voices from around the world. 

JQ’s mission is not to advocate, but to investigate complex and pressing matters of politics, religion, history and culture, and to do so in-depth.

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The Jewish Quarterly is published four times a year – in February, May, August and November – and is available to subscribers in print, ebook and app editions (available soon). The Jewish Quarterly gathers the best minds, wherever they are, and whichever religion, to dig deep into Jewish issues, and the issues of humanity from a Jewish perspective. 

A subscription to JQ also gives you access to the entire catalogue of The Jewish Quarterly – almost 70 years of necessary and important writing by the leading Jewish writers and thinkers from around the world.

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